Trump and UNESCO Discussed at “Jerusalem Forever” Event in Israel

PolitiChicks Israeli contributor David Weissman with Donald Trump Sr. Israeli advisor David Friedman

This week the Republican Overseas Israel official group held an event called “Jerusalem Forever” hosted by Marc Zell, head of the Israeli GOP.   This took place because of the decision of the UNESCO on the Jerusalem resolution cutting Jewish ties to the Holy capital and sites including the Temple Mount off from the Jewish people.

Although the event was focused mostly on Jerusalem and not the U.S. elections, they featured video comments from Donald Trump and Governor Mike Pence offering their full support of the Jewish State and her people.

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I met with Donald Trump’s senior Israeli advisor, David Friedman, regarding Trump’s policies and was told he fully supports Israel and they are both against this resolution that was drafted by the UNESCO. Friedman also discussed Hillary Clinton and her VP Tim Kaine’s lack of support for Israel. 

Among other speakers was writer Caroline Glick who talked about the past 8 years of Obama and his administration and how demonizing they are of Israel. She mentioned the Iran nuke deal which Obama helped create and the UNESCO’s decision on how irrelevant it is to us the Jewish people. There were other speakers throughout the night who supported Donald Trump as well as Jerusalem.

One thing the readers must realize, the UNESCO needs to realize we don’t answer to them–we answer to a higher authority. Not only does this decision erase Jewish history and its ties to the land, it also erases Christian ties because Christianity was founded in the land of Israel as Jesus was also Jewish. The Temple Mount and Jerusalem were mentioned several times in the New Testament.

We must stand strong together and educate the UNESCO as well as show them this resolution means nothing to us. The bond between Israel and the United States should be an everlasting one; we share the same values of freedom, diversity, and equality.

Regardless of what the UNESCO says, for over 3,000 years Jerusalem has been the undivided Jewish capital of Israel and will remain so.

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