Mainstream Media: America’s Pravda Continues

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-2-10-02-pmA profession is only as good as its commitment to integrity and code of ethics. I didn’t major in journalism. If I had, I would like to think that at some point in the process at least one of my professors would have talked about the need to maintain professionalism. If our news media outlets are to be taken seriously, they need to live up to a certain standard of impartiality and distinguish between what is fact and what is opinion and what is news and what constitutes vindictiveness. Further, the Press should report on the news, not create it.

In this election the media has completely dropped all pretense of impartiality. During the days of the Soviet Union, Pravda was the only source of news. Since it was controlled by the government, it was merely another form of propaganda. No one can take a state-controlled newspaper as a legitimate source of news. In the United States we have always had ‘freedom of the Press’ and the right to free speech under the First Amendment.

Free speech is the very cornerstone of a free people. The Constitution defines government and addresses checks and balances. Under ideal conditions the Press should serve as an unofficial check on our leaders in government. Every person should be subjected to the same scrutiny. Regardless of an elected official’s party or ideology the Press should hold them equally accountable. If the Press begins to hold some individuals to a different standard of accountability than another, it is no better than Soviet-controlled Pravda. I submit to you that The Washington Post is no better than Pravda. It has recklessly disregarded basic journalistic standards and has become nothing more than a Clinton propaganda machine.

I am simply using the Washington Post as an example. Unfortunately they are the rule, not the exception. Hillary Clinton is treated as though she owns the Press. In the process, the power she is acquiring is dangerous. The First Amendment is sacred and if it is abused, we risk losing it. To give a single individual or group of individuals complete support, ignoring any flaws they may have, creates a situation where that person no longer feels accountable. If they have the Press to support that notion, the begin to accrue dangerous levels of power. The end result? If history teaches us anything, it’s that those who acquire too much power, are loathe to give it up. Voluntary submission will ultimately become forced submission.

If you have the capacity to think for yourself, it is apparent that this is garbage journalism. I think The National Enquirer has higher journalistic standards. This article is deplorable. Think about it: This writer had to have pitched this idea to an editor: ‘I’m going to find a person with mental issues, and then I’m going to describe how much they adore Donald Trump. The obvious connection is that you would have to be insane to support him.’ You’d think the editor would respond with outrage at such a disgusting premise and say ‘We are The Washington Post we are above that.’ Obviously the editor must have said ‘Great idea! Go with it!’

The Post also ran another story which, if you were to believe it, Trump fell apart at a rally and started rambling incoherently. Please watch the actual video of his address. I found his speech to be completely coherent, logical, and even inspiring. Of course I am insane by The Washington Post’s standards.

Finally, the Post published another article, perhaps the most reckless of all three. It is essentially an op-ed run under the guise of legitimate news. Let me dissect what it says/implies:

  1. Trump is a tax evader. No he isn’t. Does anyone go to their tax preparer during tax season and say ‘Please maximize the amount of taxes I have to pay!’ If there was a way they could lock him up, I’m sure they would have don it already. There is a difference between taking advantage of tax law and tax evasion. To his credit Trump has been very calm in discussing his repeated tax audits by the IRS. To his credit he hasn’t pointed out that using the IRS to attack an opponent is a classic political trick.
  2. Trump had a shaky debate performance. Given his mic was defective, given he was interrupted over 40 times to Hillary’s 6, and given she probably had an earpiece, I’d say Trump did extraordinarily well. Plus, his performance is a subjective measure, not a factual statement.
  3. Trump is dropping in the polls. The ‘polls’ are a joke and have been criticized by many as being rigged to create the false impression Trump is actually behind when he isn’t.
  4. He is feuding with a Latina beauty queen. No. he is simply responding to a cheap shot by Hillary during the debate.
  5. His tweets imply mental instability because he tweets at all hours. That tells me he is thinking about nothing else other than this election. He is serious.

Other illogical assertions in the article is that Trump is self-imploding, doesn’t really want to be President, and is a loser. What? Am I to believe he has suddenly collapsed into a pathetic heap foaming out the mouth and ranting like a madman?

If only Hillary Clinton were subjected to equal scrutiny. If only…

Donald Trump is essentially carrying on a campaign under the most hostile circumstances ever faced by any American Presidential candidate. Instead of giving up or going away quietly he continues to speak his mind and fight on. No one can take that away from him. Has it ever occurred to the Press he might actually be a man of courage and conviction? The more they attack him, the more he holds his ground, the more he proves his case.

Michael Russell

A native, of Indiana, Russell has always been interested in politics. He is a Libertarian and strong supporter of conservative causes. He has spent the last 20 years as an investment analyst. Russell and his wife Ginger have 3 children.

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