Gold Star Mothers: No Greater Love

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There are no words to console a Mother whose pain will never go away. I can’t imagine the heartache and loss a Gold Star family lives with every single day. I so admire these Mothers and Fathers that raised sons and daughters who loved this country so much they volunteered to join the military and gave their very lives for you and I. I don’t know about you, but that grieves me deep within my soul.

The last Sunday of September is set aside to honor our Gold Star Mothers. If you were to ask the average person on the street, ‘What is a Gold Star Mother,’ would they even know? Today so many are not patriotic and do not understand why it is paramount to respect those who serve and have served in our Armed Forces. We as a country are failing miserably at taking care of both our Military and Veterans, and their families. We can not take away the pain of a grieving Mother or family over the loss of their son or daughter on the battlefield, or after they’ve returned home from the demons that will not leave them. But there is something we can do for the Gold Star Families and for each other. We can teach our children and grandchildren and those in our circle why we should respect and honor our Military, Veterans and our fallen Warriors. We can teach patriotism and about the sacrifice that has been made for our freedom. We can be informed and we can vote. It is our responsibility and the very least we can do for those we have placed in harms way to find out how our Candidates view our Constitution, view America’s place in the world, and view our Military.

Some forget the President we elect is also the Commander In Chief who controls the policies that can make a difference if a soldier lives or dies. Under President Obama’s Rules of Engagement and failed strategies more soldiers were killed in the first couple of years of his Presidency than all of the years under President Bush.

The best military experts warned President Obama if we withdrew too early from Iraq terror cells would return and they have. Today in spite of Obama claiming he ended the war we still have military deployed in the most dangerous parts of the world. ISIS is strengthening and growing in numbers as are other Islamic terror organizations. Women, Christians and even children are being tortured, mutilated, and burned alive. Terrorists are now attacking on a regular basis right here in America. Do you feel safe? The policies of President Obama along with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State have caused the increase of radical Islamic terrorism globally. Our borders are being flooded with radical Islamists, in some cases posing as refugees. Since well before Obama became President there has been a movement taking place in our government, our Military, and our education system to be more ‘tolerant’ and ‘accepting’ of the very savages who want to kill us and implement Shariah Law? Under Obama this movement has increased at a record pace and Hillary’s record is verification she will continue Obama’s failed policies.

The buck does stop with Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State when she left dozens of Americans to die in Benghazi. Four of them did. Then she lied, telling the families it was because of an internet video. Not only did her action and inaction cause the deaths of those Americans, her reckless handling of her emails placed our national security at immeasurable risk. Hillary will continue to decimate our military and grant amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Her open borders policy will increase terrorist attacks right here on our own soil.

You may be saying, ‘this is all stuff we’ve heard time and time again.’ But how often do you see the face of a fallen soldier shown on your TV screen or your computer. How often do you hear an average of 22 Veterans are committing suicide every day? How often do you hear a Gold Star Mom or Dad talk about this President and his Administrations failed polices and strategies being the reason their son or daughter was sacrificed on the battlefield, or right here at home.

We know that Hillary’s policies and ideology are the same as Obama and have gotten Americans killed. We know that Donald Trump has chosen advisors who are experts on National Security and recognize the failure of Obama and Hillary’s policies. Donald Trump has taken the time to meet with and listen to the concerns of Gold Star Families. He invited a Gold Star Mother to speak at the Republican National Convention.

Let’s remember our brave Warriors and their families by reminding each other and our children of the great sacrifices made for our freedom. Let’s do our part to make sure the person who did not send military aid and lied to the families of those murdered in Benghazi is not elected to the highest office in the land. This Election Day will you be counted among the fighters who stood up for these brave Warriors and their families? Will you be counted among the fighters who did everything possible to defeat Hillary?

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. – John 15:13.

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Brenda Collins Morris

Georgia PolitiChick Brenda Collins Morris is a military wife, mom, conservative, proud unapologetic American! She has campaigned for conservative candidates, supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and served on a Critical Incident Response Team assisting people in the aftermath of tragedies such as 9/11. Brenda believes our Constitution is disregarded as Progressives, through the Democrat Party, strive to establish Socialism in America. She also believes our national security is being threatened by radical Islam, which is infiltrating the highest levels of our government, financial and educational institutions. Brenda says just as President Reagan believed in 'peace through strength' she believes we need leadership in a Washington D.C. that believes in and supports that principle, as well as respect and protect the interests of our military members and their families. Brenda's father is a WWII Veteran, and she believes our military deserve our gratitude and respect. Brenda was born and raised in Kentucky and currently resides in Georgia.

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