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Day: October 31, 2016

WikiLeaks: Google Head Emailed Cheryl Mills “Strategic Plan for U.S. Election”

In the Halloween WikiLeak hit, we've learned that Eric Schmidt, head of Google, had a "secret strategic plan" for the U.S. election.

BREAKING: Donna Brazile Fed Hillary 2nd Debate Question; CNN Fires Her

WikiLeaks has done it again, ousting a 2nd DNC Chair. This time it's this summer's interim chair Donna Brazile, who has been caught giving Hillary two debate questions.

FBI Obtains Warrant Needed to Begin Reviewing Clinton Emails

On Sunday, the FBI secured a second search warrant to search the Hillary Clinton-related emails on former congressman Anthony Weiner's confiscated laptop.

Watergate Journalist Bernstein: FBI Reopening Clinton Case “Real Bombshell”

Journalist Carl Bernstein, known for covering the Watergate scandal, gave his opinion about the FBI's announcement that they are reopening the investigation into Hillary Clinton's email server.

Why the Critical Clinton-Russian Uranium Deal Matters in 2016

All Americans should be concerned when a presidential candidate is involved in a bid to exchange large amounts of U.S. uranium with Russia for millions into her own family foundation.

Wrong Epitaph: Trump’s “Damage” To The Republican Brand

If the Republican Party is doomed, it is certainly not because of Donald Trump.

WikiLeaks Exposes CNN’s Close Relationship with Clinton Camp

People don't call CNN, "Clinton News Network" for nothing.

Trey Gowdy Reacts to FBI Reopening Clinton Email Probe: “She Has Nobody to Blame but Herself”

Appearing on the Kelly File, South Carolina Congressman Trey Gowdy reacts to the news of the FBI reopening the Clinton email probe

Congress: Attorney General Lynch ‘Pleads Fifth’ on Secret Iran ‘Ransom’ Payments

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has decided not to comply with requests from Congress about the $1.7 billion in cash sent to Iran earlier this year.

Is Globalism Demonic?

Pastor Wallace Henley, the co-author of God and Churchill, discusses globalism. Is it demonic?