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Day: October 27, 2016

PR Nightmare: Pentagon Suspends CA Soldiers’ Enlistment Bonus Repayments

The Pentagon has suspended efforts to force California National Guard troops to repay their enlistment bonuses that may have been improperly awarded.

Obamacare Architect: ‘Law Is Working…We Need Larger Mandate Penalty’

Jonathan Gruber is standing strong beside the very weak, imploding ACA he helped design.

Clinton Advisor Misleads Americans on Clinton Foundation

At the end of the day, it’s not about whether Clinton Foundation has donated to good causes. It’s about the billions collected in the name of charitable causes for favors promised by HRC — which...

Insurance Company Denies Woman Coverage for Chemotherapy but Offers to Pay for Her Suicide Pill

An assisted-suicide law in California prompts an insurance company to deny coverage for chemotherapy to a terminally ill wife and mother of four. The Washington Times reports: “A terminally...

Daniel Greenfield: The “Muslim Hate Crimes Increase” Hoax

There is no wave of anti-Islamic terror in America. There is a wave of Islamic terror. That simple truth cannot be silenced.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Tim Kaine Rally

Michael Russell's VERY satyrical view of the Hillary campaign.

Why Pro-Lifers Need to Support Donald Trump

In terms of abortion, this election comes down to either a man who will fight for all life, born or preborn, or a woman who will fight for the right to end it, including partial birth.