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Day: October 4, 2016

Breaking: Wikileaks “October Surprise” Video Released Tuesday Morning, No Big Surprises (Yet)

Tuesday morning Julian Assange released a video via Wikileaks with information about Hillary Clinton that was touted as being a “political game-changer”.  Instead, people mostly saw a...

Tuesday VP Debate: Who’s Who of Who? What To Expect

Thanks to Michael Dukes Show producer Brendon Berger for the title, but ‘Who’s Who of Who?” definitely describes the Tuesday night Vice President Debate.  It may not receive as...

We Need a Leader, Not an Appeaser

Whatever happened to American pride? Whatever happened to civility, respect, decency and common sense…the cornerstones of a healthy society? Whatever happened to the notion of rallying...

The Question No One Dares to Ask Hillary

Dr. Jamie Glazov discusses the question no one dares to ask Hillary Clinton:  Does it really not matter if her Chief of Staff will be connected to the Muslim Brotherhood?