Ted Cruz: Vitally Needed in the Senate

CruzTrumpIn the very divisive 2016 presidential elections, there seems to be two distinct camps on the Republican side: “Gotta have Trump” and “Never Trump.” I would like to address the Never Trump group, many of whom are Christians and supporters of Senator Ted Cruz.  Have you considered that perhaps Senator Cruz is more valuable to our nation as a Senator than President? Being a Senator is considered to be an elite position; the term “senator” derives from Ancient Rome, where the Senate depicted the “elders’ assembly” (“senex” means “old”). Senators can do things that Presidents cannot do, such as debating over the creation or update of laws and regulations, and voting for or against certain political measures or motions. A good senator keeps in close contact with the electors’ agenda of concerns and issues at hand, and his work reaches beyond the bounds of his home state and has a powerful effect on all of us in the nation at large. It is his responsibility to plead for certain matters at stake, such as protecting civilians’ Second Amendment right to bear arms as well as ridding us of Obamacare.

To those who plan to write in the name of Senator Cruz in November, please take time to consider his invaluable work as a Senator. We need good legislators.

And to the Christians who are so bitterly disappointed and discouraged (and angry) because Sen. Cruz is not our Presidential candidate: What about Divine Providence? Have you stopped to think that perhaps God plans to use Sen Cruz in his present position for a while more? That is not to say that Sen Cruz will never be President— just not this time. Shall we kick the door open or would it be best to wait and let God open that door in His perfect time? Life is not over; Sen Cruz can run again, and perhaps he will.

Abigail Adams

Georgia PolitiChick Abigail Adams is the proud daughter of a WWII foot soldier who served on the front lines in France and Germany. Because of her father, she was reared and steeped in patriotism. She is a true southern woman who lives in the foothills of beautiful North Georgia and works as a homemaker. As if that is not enough, Abigail is active in the home schooling of her grandsons, ages five and 15 years. Abigail works with conservative candidates on their campaigns and is a member of her county and state Republican Party. She understands the importance of her grandson's generation having knowledge of history and being a patriot, so she takes her them with her to Tea Party gatherings and Republican meetings. She also includes the boys with her when she is involved with local and national political activities. In addition to family and politics, Abigail enjoys gardening, sewing, cooking, conservative talk radio, and reading history and biographies of our Founders and of more contemporary heroes such as Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill. Love for America, our Constitution, and a deep admiration for our Founding Fathers flows through Abigail's veins, and her heart's desire is to help restore America and bring her back to her roots of freedom, justice, liberty, and world leadership. Long live America; may her light shine forever.

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