This Election is America’s Existential Moment

Screen Shot 2016-09-01 at 8.22.51 AMTo be or not to be–that really IS the question.

This election is America’s existential moment: when we decide as a country whether we will live or die.

The Democrat platform that will, without question, destroy the social, economic, political, and cultural fabric of our nation is being presented to us as if its policies are fore-ordained and inevitable expressions of our founding principles. In fact, they are the opposite.

There is nothing in the Constitution, nor in the Declaration of Independence, nor even in the Bill of Rights–that tells us to weaken and endanger ourselves by opening our gates to millions of invaders.

Our Fathers never said that once established as a thriving nation, it would be sinful for us to protect ourselves from those who wish to profit from what our own initiative, labors, and sacrifices have produced. The Founders never said we must ‘tolerate’ ideological enemies who wish to enter our land so as to suck it dry and then change it to match the hellholes they fled from before coming to the sanctuary we’ve created for ourselves.

They never said we must destroy our cities with crime and violence by creating an aggrieved/entitled “professional victim” underclass, whose resentment grows in proportion with the handouts given them by government largess gained through taxes on its productive citizens.

Our founding documents don’t authorize the government to steal from the earnings of one citizen and “re-distribute” his money to another. Nowhere do they instruct that taxes be taken for the purpose of forcing public schools to build special bathrooms for boys who think they’re girls and vice versa. Nor do they authorize the government to force churches to ‘sanctify’ something the Bible calls an abomination, such as requiring them to perform ‘gay marriages’.

If we choose wrongly this November, the US will not be recognizable by the year 2050. This is not a prediction, it is a guarantee. When it comes to choosing our next president, who will in turn choose many of the lifetime justices on the Supreme Court and thus determine our course for decades to come, we have only two believable alternatives.

Hillary Clinton is certain suicide. With Donald Trump, no one knows exactly what will happen; but at least we’ll have a fighting chance.

Please–let’s go for the tiger, not the ‘lady’.

Alexis Jemima

Alexis Jemima did her doctorate in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, with a focus on Early Islam. She reads Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew (among other languages), and has lived and studied in Muslim countries as well as in Israel. Alexis loves animals of all kinds, and worked through graduate school as a Middle Eastern dancer.

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