Daniel Greenfield: Why We Will Defeat Islam

I delivered the following speech at the American Freedom Alliance’s event in August. Thank you to the organizers and everyone who came out to be a part of it.

We’re winning. I know it’s a farfetched idea right now.

There’s an Islamic terrorist attack every week or every few days. A bomb goes off. A man with a, quote unquote, history of psychiatric problems, takes a machete, a gun or a truck to a bunch of non-Muslims while shouting Allahu Akbar, and the media repeats the same old lies. You know the lies. I don’t need to repeat them.

How can we be winning then?

I’m going to ask you to switch around your way of thinking.

As counterjihadists, we spend as much time fighting the big lie, the one that Islam isn’t the problem, that maybe there are a tiny minority of extremists who have misunderstood Islam, they read the Koran upside down and decided that peace really meant war and love meant murder. We throw ourselves against the lie. We try to beat it down. But the lie is dying.

To understand why, we need to understand what the lie is. The lie is denial. It’s an effort to stop the inevitable. The inevitable is the clash of civilizations. It’s the war between Islam and the free world.

Think of the bank executive embezzling money to feed his cocaine habit. And making new excuses for where the money is going. Or the cheating husband who keeps making up new excuses to his wife.

They’re going to get caught and they know that they are going to get caught. Their lies are buying time.

The media excuses for Islamic terrorism are buying time. The excuses are buying Islamic terrorists another year or another decade. We know how this works.

Before World War 2, they used every excuse to prevent the free world from doing anything about Hitler. They didn’t prevent the war. They couldn’t prevent the war. Because Hitler was always going to invade. The Muslim terrorists are invading. There is no question that we are going to have to fight them.

The only question is how much time will it take. How much damage will they do before we are free to fight back. That is what is at stake.

How many countries will the Jihad take over before we are free to fight back? How many of us will be murdered in Islamic terrorist attacks in the coming years?

The lies we see in the media, the Muslim terrorists who are all lone wolves, herds and herds of lone wolves roaming our cities, the Islamic terrorists who all have psychiatric problems, are not a cause, they’re a symptom.

The lies, the ones referenced by many of the other fine speakers today, get worse as the problem gets worse. Because they’re a desperate effort by the deniers, the deniers of Islamic terrorism, the deniers of Islam, the defenders of the failed multicultural model, to stop the inevitable. To many of you it might look like they’re winning. We’re isolated and they control the media. They are the official experts and the authorities. They are in charge.

But they’re losing. And they know they’re losing. That’s why the lies are getting desperate.

As Muslim terrorism gets worse, we rise and they fall.

The bad news is that Islamic terrorism is going to get worse. And the good news is that it’s going to get worse.

No I’m not confused. The two are one and the same. Think about it.

America isn’t weak. So how come we can’t beat the terrorists? Why are we still fighting and dying?

We’re not weak. We’re indecisive. The terrorists shock us and play on our sympathies. They disguise themselves, they walk among us and then when they get caught, the media says they’re misunderstood.

The stronger the terrorists become, the weaker they get. Their greatest strength is weakness. In our society, monsters who claim to be weak, oppressed or misunderstood get away with murder.

When they take off their masks and stop pretending to be victims and come out of the closet as oppressors, that is when they become really vulnerable.

ISIS is the next step in Islamic terrorism. That doesn’t mean that ISIS will win or that it’s going to be around for even another few years. But Islamic terrorism, the kind that involves suicide bombings or flying planes into buildings, is a phase.

It’s phase one. In phase one, the terrorists work within a civilian population and strike for maximum shock value. When a society is weak enough, they take over and control territory.

That’s what happened with ISIS in Iraq. They hammered the Iraqi authorities with shock attacks and they were so weak that they collapsed. And then ISIS took over. That’s what Islamic terrorists eventually hope to do in Europe. Build up their numbers, smash the local authorities and then just take over.

And then instead of No Go Zones, you have No Go Cities.

There are parts of Europe where they might even be able to do it. And that would be their worst mistake.

Our greatest weakness was that we were divided. That the defenders of Islamic terrorism in the West, both Muslim and non-Muslim, could always offer excuses for it. There were always reasons why we couldn’t hit it as hard as we had to.

The stronger Islamic terrorists become, the stronger we become.

Our greatest weakness was that we were divided. That the defenders of Islamic terrorism in the West, both Muslim and non-Muslim, could always offer excuses for it. There were always reasons why we couldn’t hit it as hard as we had to.

The stronger Islamic terrorists become, the stronger we become.

Their strength is never going to match our own. When they try to take us on directly, they will lose.

That’s history.

Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the USSR were strongest when they didn’t confront us directly. They went down to defeat once they made the mistake of coming out in the open.

Without Pearl Harbor, Japan would have ruled Asia. If Germany hadn’t declared war on us, Hitler might have been able to hold on to big parts of Europe. The USSR won its biggest victories when it was pretending to be our ally. But the moment it turned on us, the end began. It took a while, but that was when the end began.

Americans are nice people. We like the underdog. We want to give the other guy the benefit of the doubt. Lots of Americans liked Uncle Joe Stalin. They thought that maybe Hitler had a point about Germany being the victim in WW1. And Japan had a point about colonialism in Asia. Hitler, the Communists and Imperial Japan had a good thing going. And they ruined it.

Now Muslim terrorists are making the same mistake. They’re not victims. They’re supremacists. And supremacists might play weak for a while, Hitler did, but they really want to show how strong they are.

Everything ISIS does, every horror they commit, is about showing us how strong they are. Like all the bad guys before them, they mistake our empathy for weakness. And they move in for the kill.

This is the trajectory of Islamic terrorism.

Phase one is shock terrorism. Phase two is the insurgency. Organized forces seize control of territory. They take over entire cities and impose Islamic law. You’ve seen them do it in Iraq and Syria. They want to do it in Europe. They want to do it here. This is how Islam expanded from the very beginning.

Phase three is the Islamic State. ISIS is an example. But so is Saudi Arabia. We’re forgotten just how the Saudis won. And it wasn’t pretty. But it’s when terrorists win that they are at their most vulnerable.

Islamic terrorism of the kind we’ve gotten used to is easy. Put on a bomb vest and blow yourself up. It’s not that hard. What’s hard is actually controlling territory. That’s when you’re vulnerable.

Then you can’t hide among the civilian population. You have to be out in the open. You can’t just use human shields when you have an army. And you need to turn money into services. You have to do all the hard, dirty and difficult jobs of government. Even if you do them as badly as Governor Brown.

A cell of three people somewhere in New Jersey is really hard to disrupt because you don’t know about it. Secrecy is the greatest weapon of Islamic terrorists. It goes out the window when they have a state.

Victimhood becomes much harder. It’s why the PLO and Hamas don’t really want a Palestinian State. They want to demand one until the camels come home. And they want to blame Israel for it.

But actually having a state means having responsibility. You get treated like a country. And you get bombed like a country.

The best weapon that the enemy has isn’t its firepower. It’s not even WMDs. It’s willful blindness in our society. It’s a narrative which says that the terrorists are a tiny minority of extremists and that if we reach out to the moderate majority, everything will work out. It’s a very seductive narrative.

In war, your own weakness often matters more than the other side’s strength. Our weakness is that we want to be the nice guys. Their weakness is that they want to be the tough guys.

Our weakness keeps us from finishing the fight. But their weakness neutralizes our weakness.

The greatest threat to the victory of Islamic terrorists comes from themselves. They make it impossible for themselves to win because they don’t understand us. And we don’t beat them because we don’t understand them.

This cycle plays out a lot. We see it in Israel. We see it with America in the Middle East. We think that a compromise can be achieved, but that myth just drives the cycle of violence. The enemy doesn’t want a compromise. They want to win.

We’re a cooperative society. They’re a hierarchal society. We want new people to come in and contribute. But when they come in, they want a hierarchy in which they’re on top.

The two are not compatible. And the cooperative society starts committing suicide when it tries too hard to cooperate and compromise and work together with an enemy that wants to take over.

The enemy grows in strength by pretending to be weak while we wait for a compromise. Until the enemy makes it obvious to us that there will never be a compromise. And that’s when things get ugly.

Because the lie starts coming apart.

It’s easy to promise that Hitler isn’t a threat when he’s just making noise in a beer hall. It’s harder when he’s invading Poland. If your whole identity is tied up in claiming that Islam isn’t a threat, then the worse the threat becomes, the harder you have to lie.

And when the lies aren’t enough. You have to censor and criminalize. You have to lock people up.

That is where Europe is, as some of today’s courageous speakers have told us. It’s where Australia has ended up. It’s where America is heading. Don’t kid yourself. They will begin locking people up if they get the chance. You’ve seen it with the Innocence of Muslims. Like the bosses of the Soviet Union, they will go to the wall before they lose.

And they will lose.

The entire narrative is built on hiding the truth. Don’t talk about Islamic terrorists or you’ll create them. Don’t call ISIS, Islamic. Pretend that we can compromise and triangulate our way to some settlement. Blame Israel. Blame Islamophobia. Blame anyone who tells the truth about terrorism.

The façade is really impressive. When you watch politicians and the entire media reciting the same talking points day in and day out like lobotomized parrots, it’s daunting. But this is what’s going on behind the curtain. The big lie is dying. Everything you see, the foreign policy of this administration, is an effort to keep the lie alive at any cost. And they’ve failed over and over again.

Withdrawing from Iraq. The Arab Spring. Negotiating with the Taliban. The Iran Deal. Everything they’ve done only accelerated the process that they were trying to suppress.

The good news is that we’re going to win, not just on the battlefield.

But we, and I mean those of us in this room, are going to win the war of ideas.

We’re going to win because the process of getting there will destroy the narrative. Every victory by Muslim terrorists brings the day of truth closer. It destroyed a big piece of the narrative. And you can see that happening all the time.

Israel is a micro example of what’s going to happen. Israel has been compared to the canary in the coal mine. It was pushed into making a deal with the terrorists. There was going to be a two state solution. A Jewish State and a state run by very moderate reformed terrorists. But the moderate terrorists turned out to just be terrorists. Instead of peace, the peace process brought a horrific wave of terrorism. The left tried every excuse. It played on every emotion and it lost. Israelis don’t believe that making peace with terrorists will work and the left keeps losing elections.

The same thing is going to happen in Europe. It’s going to happen in America.

It’ll take longer because our exposure isn’t as bad. You can see the process beginning in Europe because they’re more exposed these days. Americans have tried different solutions, neoconservatives, democracy, appeasement, isolationism. That is part of the process of solving the problem.

When you see the denial all around you, this is the important thing to remember. No lie, no spin and no scam can beat reality. Reality will always win. Reality is going to win.

Everything we’ve gone through since September 11 and even before that has been the reality distortion field, the one that says there’s no such thing as Islamic terrorism, colliding with reality.

If there are days when you get up and think that it’s hopeless, that people will never know the truth and that we’ll be going through the same motions, twenty years from now, don’t.

Every lie that has been told, every media story lying about Islamic terrorism, lying about Hamas and Iran, every piece of propaganda used to support the narrative, is the little Dutch boy with his finger holding back the flood.

But the flood is coming. In fact it’s already here.

When we speak the truth, we are on the side of reality. You’re here because you choose to face reality. And that’s the first step to victory. You can con your way to temporary victories through lies. The left wins temporary victories over reality. And then reality wins. Truth wins. Remember that. The road has been a long one and it’s not over. But the road to victory doesn’t just happen in places like Afghanistan or Iraq, it begins in rooms like these with people like you.

You may not think it can happen. Most people didn’t believe the Soviet Union could fall. But when you get up close, you can sense the desperation at the top and you can see the cracks slowly spreading. And you can recognize that the volume of the lies, the crackdowns on the truth, are signs of desperation.

What you’ve been witnessing is the last days of the Soviet Union when the government lied frantically and desperately about what was going on until reality crushed it.

The next generation of Islamic terrorism will crush the lie. And then we’ll crush it.

Thank you for coming. Thank you for being part of the good fight. And remember, no matter how dark the hour seems, we are winning… and we are going to win.

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Daniel Greenfield

Daniel Greenfield is a blogger and columnist born in Israel and living in New York City. He is a Shillman Journalism Fellow at the David Horowitz Freedom Center and a contributing editor at Family Security Matters. Daniel's original biweekly column appears at Front Page Magazine and his blog articles regularly appear at Family Security Matters, the Jewish Press, Times of Israel, Act for America and Right Side News, as well as daily at the Canada Free Press and a number of other outlets. He has a column titled Western Front at Israel National News and his op eds have also appeared in the New York Sun, the Jewish Press and at FOX Nation. Daniel was named one of the Jewish Press' Most Worthwhile Blogs from 2006-2011 and his writing has been cited by Rush Limbaugh, Melanie Philips, Robert Spencer, Daniel Pipes, Judith Klinghoffer, John Podhoretz, Jeff Jacoby and Michelle Malkin, among others. Daniel's blog, http://sultanknish.blogspot.com, is a daily must-read.

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