Breaking: Video Shows Person (Possibly Ahmad Khan Rahami) Planting NYC Bomb


Sources told CBS News surveillance video shows a person planting at least one of the pressure cooker bombs that rocked Manhattan.

Investigators found a second bomb that did not detonate four blocks from the scene. No one has taken responsibility for the explosion.

Much of the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan is still shut down. The pressure cooker bomb was filled with shrapnel and exploded on one of the city’s heavily-traveled streets.

Surveillance footage shows the bomb shatter the doors of a New York City fitness center and cause panic on the street, reports CBS News correspondent Anna Werner.

“You felt the explosion in the car?” Werner asked a witness.

“Absolutely,” Babak Hakakian said.

“What did it feel like?” Werner asked.

“Massive shockwave. Your whole body shook,” he said.

Investigators say the pressure cooker bomb detonated near a dumpster. It contained shrapnel including ball bearings. A cellphone was used to set it off.

Police used bomb-sniffing dogs to comb the neighborhood following the Saturday night explosion. Twenty-nine people were injured and taken to the hospital. All of them are now out of the hospital.

Hours after the blast, police discovered a similar undetonated device four blocks away.

Jane Schreibman said she spotted the second bomb on the street near her Chelsea apartment. CBS News could not independently verify her account.

“It was such a weird looking thing. It was a pressure cooker with wires coming out,” Schreibman said, pointing to the spot on the sidewalk where the device was found.

Earlier on Saturday, a pipe bomb exploded along the course of a Marine charity run in Seaside Park, New Jersey. None of the 5,000 participants were injured.

Though investigators say the bombs in New York and New Jersey may share similar characteristics, it’s unclear if the incidents are linked.

Monday morning, the FBI and NYPD announced they had identified a suspect in connection with the Chelsea blast. Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is being sought for questioning. The FBI said he “should be considered armed and dangerous.”

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