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Day: September 29, 2016

Latest Health Question: What’s Causing Hillary to Go Cross-Eyed?

Conan O’Brian once used humor to mock concerns surrounding Mrs. Clinton’s health following her severe concussion in 2012, creating a spoof video showing a cross-eyed Mrs. Clinton...

Tax Expert Says: No, Hillary, It’s Impossible For Tax Cuts to Cause a Downturn

Author and Forbes contributor Tom Beccaro wrote the following in response to Hillary Clinton’s remarks about taxes in Monday night’s debate: In the first debate, the issue of tax...

Top 10 Qur’anic Laws that Inspire the Laws of Iran

Anni Cyrus discusses the Top 10 Qur’anic Laws that Inspire the Laws of Iran, proving that what we see in Islamic countries is the true Islam.

Kira Davis: Yes, Education is a Commodity

Kira Davis writes, I once had an argument with my left-leaning father about the issue of “free” college and school choice. As a fan of the free markets I naturally fall on the side of...