A Question for the Muslim Olympian Who “Doesn’t Feel Safe” in America

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

Ibtihaj Muhammad, a Muslim- American saber fencer representing the United States at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games said she doesn’t feel safe in America due to increased anti-Muslim rhetoric.  She is quoted as saying: “As a global community we have to work harder to change our current situation.  It is an unhealthy one.”  Muhammad is being lauded as the first hijab-wearing American to ever participate in the Olympic Games.  Her much publicized appearance at the Olympics is meant to represent America’s diversity for the entire world to see. Kamau Bell, host of the CNN show “United Shades of America” asked twenty-two Olympic medal winner Michael Phelps to “withdraw in the name of diversity” and allow Muhammad to carry our flag during the opening ceremony.  Thankfully better heads prevailed and Phelps proudly and deservedly carried our stars and stripes as Team USA entered the games.

Ms. Muhammad says she doesn’t feel safe?  The presence of hijab- (headscarf) and niqab- (only the eyes are visible, a favorite in the UAE and Saudi Arabia) wearing Muslim women in America makes many of us non-Muslim American women feel unsafe. Why?

  • Because of their very visible subjugation to Islam and their husbands and fathers;
  • Because we don’t see them walking freely by themselves but only with the escort of one or more male family members;
  • Because they are covered from head to toe in the sweltering heat pushing a baby stroller or carrying a young child while their men walk in front of them wearing western clothes with designer labels and do not help them with their children;
  • Because the left who at one time very vocally supported feminist causes now by their silence appear to embrace and approve of Muslim women’s second class or chattel status demanded by their religion and culture;
  • Because we see what is being accepted and publicly lauded in the name of diversity, American and other Western women believe their rights and freedoms are truly threatened.

We have heard of the mass sexual attacks and rapes in Europe of non-Muslim women by gangs of Muslim men.  Women are afraid to go out alone or at night and are being told not to dress suggestively so they do not incite and provoke these attacks.  The message is it is their fault, not the fault of the men committing these horrific attacks.  And lest we forget, they are not permitted to carry firearms for self defense in their countries and are therefore easy prey.

Muhammad says she doesn’t feel safe?  In Tampa in August of 2009 an Israeli woman of Palestinian descent was brutally beaten to death.  Fatimah Abdullah’s death was ruled an accident; the medical coroner determined she had fallen and hit her head on a coffee table.  Reviewing the autopsy report and post mortem pictures it was obvious she suffered a brutal beating and not a head injury from an accidental fall.  Her death was either an honor killing or a domestic violence incident, but whatever the reason for her murder because of political pressure our local government and police decided it would be better to sweep this crime under the rug instead of pursuing murder or manslaughter charges against her assailant or assailants.

Why don’t we feel safe?

  • Because we know our government will choose not to pursue justice and will cave to political pressure to avoid being labeled “Islamophobic” and offending Muslims in our communities.
  • Because we know no woman is safe or can be certain the rule of law will be applied or justice sought if the political winds demand they look away when certain crimes are committed.  How many other murders or “honor killings” of Muslim women and girls have been labeled accidental or suicides across our country?

Ms. Muhammad, I don’t believe you feel unsafe in America.  You were born here and have enjoyed all of the freedoms afforded everyone in this country.  Reports of attacks on Muslims in the United States are extremely rare.

Ms. Muhammad, I don’t feel safe because one of your sisters, our sister, can be murdered in America and your community remains silent and does not seek justice for her.

So I ask you Ms. Muhammad: Are you an unwitting tool of the left being used in their effort to divide this great country where you have been able to realize so many of your dreams? Or are you knowingly participating with radicals within the Muslim community in promoting cultural jihad in America?


Laura Rambeau Lee

Florida PolitiChick Laura Rambeau Lee is a Citizen Journalist and an active member in the conservative movement in the Tampa Bay area. She has worked in the title insurance and mortgage industries for over 25 years. Finding herself unemployed after the economic collapse she returned to college and graduated with high honors in May of 2013, receiving a Bachelor's Degree in American Studies with a concentration on Communication from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. She writes on political issues locally, nationally, and globally, with particular concentration on education, energy, transportation, and shari'ah in the United States. She contributes to Breitbart.com, Examiner.com, Watchdog Wire, and Smart Girl Politics. She has been a guest on the Dr. Rich Show and John Loefflera's Steel on Steel radio shows. Laura is married to a retired Army officer and is the mother of one daughter and grandmother of three. You can follow Laura on Twitter @_RightReason, like her page on Face Book at Right Reason, and subscribe to her blog at http://right-reason.com

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