Obama’s Revenge? Ex-Navy SEAL to Pay Feds $6.6 Million Over Book on Bin Laden

Screen Shot 2016-08-20 at 9.08.05 AMThe Obama administration proves once again that you should never try to cross dangerous, litigious, vengeful people.

Former Navy SEAL Matt Bissonette, wrote the book “No Easy Day” (under alias Mark Owen) outlining his role in the Usama bin Laden raid.  Bissonette has been ordered to pay the government $6.6 million for violating “non-disclosure agreements” and “publishing without getting the document cleared” by the Defense Department.

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From FOX News:

Matt Bissonnette…will give the U.S. government all profits and royalties from the book or movie rights. The proceeds already total more than $6.6 million. He will have four years to pay the bulk of that.

The payments were outlined in settlement documents filed in U.S. District Court in Virginia.

According to the settlement, Bissonnette also has 30 days to pay $100,000 from the proceeds of presentations he gave using slides that were not approved by the department.

The book triggered a Justice Department probe, including claims it contained classified material. Bissonnette had signed non-disclosure agreements during his service as a SEAL, and he took part in a number of highly secret operations including the bin Laden raid.

Under the agreement, Bissonnette said he would acknowledge he made a mistake by failing to submit the book for pre-publication review. And in exchange for the payments, the U.S. government has dismissed other liability claims.

Justice Department spokeswoman Nicole Navas said the agreement doesn’t discredit Bissonnette’s military service, but reinforces that service members comply with the non-disclosure documents they sign.

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