Is Hillary Clinton a Compulsive Liar or a Sociopath? (There’s Not Much Difference…)

PolitiChicks.comOh what a tangled web we weave
When first we practice to deceive.
– Sir Walter Scott (Marmion, 1808)

Most of us know people who lie as easily as they breathe.  They lie about everything, anything, and most of the time they lie without any apparent reason.  They’re able to lie with a smile on their face, seemingly not even aware they’re doing anything wrong.  It’s just what they do, who they are.  

Hillary Clinton is perhaps finally learning that when you tell too many lies, they will eventually catch up to you.  But is Hillary mentally ill, or is she diabolically evil?  

The following definitions explain the difference between a  compulsive liar and a sociopath:

Compulsive Liar

A compulsive liar is defined as someone who lies out of habit. Lying is their normal and reflexive way of responding to questions. Compulsive liars bend the truth about everything, large and small. For a compulsive liar, telling the truth is very awkward and uncomfortable while lying feels right. Compulsive lying is usually thought to develop in early childhood, due to being placed in an environment where lying was necessary. For the most part, compulsive liars are not overly manipulative and cunning (unlike sociopaths), rather they simply lie out of habit—an automatic response which is hard to break and one that takes its toll on a relationship (see how to cope with a compulsive liar).

A Sociopath
A sociopath is typically defined as someone who lies incessantly to get their way and does so with little concern for others. A sociopath is often goal-oriented (i.e., lying is focused—it is done to get one’s way). Sociopaths have little regard or respect for the rights and feelings of others. Sociopaths are often charming and charismatic, but they use their talented social skills in manipulative and self-centered ways (see lovefraud, for more on sociopaths).

Perhaps at this point, Hillary is a little of both.  And then some.

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