Day: August 8, 2016

Donald Trump Unveils Detailed Economic Policy Plan in Detroit

Speaking at the Detroit Economic Club Monday afternoon, Donald Trump laid out an economic plan that he vows will “jumpstart” the U.S. economy to prosperity by reforming tax, trade and...

Pro-Hillary/Anti-Trump Haters Set a Trump Supporter’s Sign on Fire

A Staten Island man woke up early Sunday morning to his giant 12-foot Trump sign on his front law in flames. “At 1:10AM Sunday night, our neighbors rang my doorbell to alert me the sign was...

Daniel Greenfield: Free Michelle Obama’s Slaves

It is time to end slavery all over again. It is time to free Michelle Obama’s taxpaying slaves.

Islamic Terrorism: Hope in the Midst of Evil

After attending a DC conference with movers and shakers, Lydia Goodman came away believing there is hope in battling Islamic terrorism.

Where Are Hillary’s Tears for Sharia’s Victims?

Anni Cyrus asks, “Where are Hillary’s tears for Sharia’s victims?”, unveiling the lie behind Hillary’s “feminism”.