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Day: August 1, 2016

‘Four Pinocchios’ For Hillary Clinton’s Latest Email Claim

The Washington Post Fact Checker awarded Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton ‘Four occhios’ — a failing grade for her Sunday interview with Fox News Sunday. In an interview...

Susan Swift: From Stunning Child Movie Star to Conservative Warrior Mom

A Mama Warrior and real Conservative Patriot, Susan Swift is one of our California contributors for PolitiChicks. Since her impassioned call into Rush Limbaugh’s radio program during the...

Military K9 Trainer’s Post About (Really Bad) Hillary Clinton Encounter Goes Viral

On July 28, military K9 trainer Eric Bonner posted the following statement on about his encounters with President George W. Bush, Obama, and later, then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton...

Hollywood Says SPEAK UP Politically! (But ONLY If You’re a Democrat)

One Bachelor has learned the hard way when Hollywood demands you SPEAK OUT POLITICALLY it is a very one-sided fence.