Israeli Elections Similar to the U.S.: Number One Priority is National Security

 Israeli correspondent David Weissman with Moshe Feiglin
Israeli correspondent David Weissman with Moshe Feiglin

“If you believe, do not Fear.” (Moshe Feiglin campaign slogan.)

The political system in Israel is more complicated than the United States in some ways. With so many varieties of parties and movements that exist in the modern State of Israel, it can be difficult for Israeli citizens to decide which party best represents your ideals and principles. My family and I have lived in different parts of Israel for over 3 years, trying to find the right community, Synagogue, and now political party.

The more I study the Torah (the 5 books of Moses and Jewish scriptures), the more I base my political views on that, especially when it comes to the Jewish State of Israel. First and foremost, when it comes to electing officials my priority is national security. As a veteran of the U.S. Army, I was trained that security always comes first and that I still practice that.  Another important factor is education; those rights should belong to parents, as they know what is best for their own children.

Unfortunately Israel is currently not a true state of democracy; you have to cut many layers of socialism to get to a “democratic” life.  Israel should be a safe haven for all Jews; no Jew should have to fear other faith group trying to convert them either by harassment or force.  If Israel is supposed to be the only democracy in the Middle East, the party that runs Israel should actually enforce democracy.  There should be less government in one’s life and more liberty to the individual.  And Israel should have the right for its own Jewish identity because that is what Israel was “born” to be:  the only Jewish state in the world. Real leadership should not be afraid to stand up to the Political Correct culture; too many countries are failing because of this.  Israel can’t afford that, especially with enemies surrounding both outside our borders as well as within.

I believe Israel has a leader that meets all of these requirements, and his name is Moshe Feiglin.

Moshe Feiglin cares about the Jewish identity of Israel. He also believes in the liberty of free will that God gave us. His party is called Zehut, which in English basically means “Jewish Israel”. His vision is clear: to make Israel a true Jewish state of liberty and freedom.  Feiglin wants to make Israel a state of family and community, and a state of abundance (which means free open market, less government restrain, and friendly customer service).  He wants Israel to be a state of peace, which means actually defeating the terror that grips our country.  The great thing about Feiglin is that he is not afraid to tell the truth of the history of the Arab people in Israel – that Palestine does not exist. As Prime Minister, Feiglin and his party will allow the current Arab residents to continue living in Israel but they must swear loyalty to the Jewish state. I believe his vision of Israel can unite all Israelis and make Israel a safer place to live. So I officially endorse Moshe Feiglin and the Zehut party. My endorsement does not reflect the views of PolitiChicks; it is solely my own but I recommend every Jew, and anyone who cares about Israel, to take a look at Moshe Feiglin’s vision of Israel and to help make his vision a reality.

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