Day: July 12, 2016

At Dallas Memorial for Slain Officer, President Obama Expressed Honor and Frustration With Police

At an interfaith memorial service for the five slain police officer in Dallas, President Barack Obama praised law enforcement for serving and protecting society, but expressed disconten...

Bernie Sanders Has (Finally) Endorsed Hillary Clinton

A bitter Democratic primary rivals came to an end on Tuesday morning when Bernie Sanders finally endorsed the presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, a long anticipated step towards party...

Heroes In Blue

Our police officers are our heroes. They guard us against crime, they enforce the law when criminals strike, and they perform these essential duties at great risk to their own lives. They do one...

Muslim Cleric: ‘U.S. Responsible for Terror in Muslim World’

From Robert Spencer's Jihad Watch, a Muslim cleric is preaching that the U.S. is responsible for Muslim terrorism.

The Hillary-FBI Fix

Michael Cutler, a former Senior INS Special Agent, discusses the Hillary-FBI Fix, revealing the catastrophic damage to American national security.