PolitiChicks’ Israeli Correspondent Meets With Yesh Atid Security Advisor

Yaakov Peri
David Weissman with MK Peri in Israel

ISRAEL:  Yesh Atid is a group that is in the middle of the political spectrum; not as far right as Likud and Jewish home, but not as far left as the labor union. However Yesh Atid brings many good qualities to the political table. I had the honor and to hear the inside scoop in Israeli politics.

This week in Israel, I attended a briefing with Yesh Atid Security advisor, MK Yaakov Peri.

MK Peri summarized Israel’s security issues by describing the various terrorist organizations, of which there are more than just Hamas and Hezbollah.   Israel is basically surrounded by terrorist organizations, outside her borders as well as within.  

Peri says his first approach is to try for peace when possible, but in reality that doesn’t always work. He also spoke about Israel’s economy and how it is one of the best in the Middle East, with new partners in various start-ups and technology including India and China.  Peri also acknowledged Israel is doing well because of the support it receives from Western countries.

Regarding the dynamic interaction between the various parties in the Knesset, he said even with different views within each party, in the end all of them have the best interest for the people of Israel.

At the end of the meeting during a question and answer forum, I was able to ask MK Peri how much impact the United Nations has on Israel’s defense.  “Not much,” he said.  I then asked about America’s presidential race and who they hoped would win. MK Peri said with a smile that they hoped for a “very pro Israel candidate.”

It was a great opportunity to be part of this event as a representative of Politichicks and America.

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