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Day: June 27, 2016

Supreme Court Rules to Strike Down Texas Abortion Law

SCOTUS voted to strike down a 2013 law that would have ensured women are given quality care with hospital-like standards.

Robert Spencer: Muslim Pleads Guilty to Selling Nuclear Technology to Iran

From Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch: The irony here is that Obama has just given the Iranians so much money that they can pursue many deals of this kind. Then the U.S. government prosecutes...

A Conversation With Allison Lee Pillinger Choi, Author of Bleeding Heart Conservatives: Why It’s Good to Be Right

Meet Allison Lee Pillinger Choi, a new young mom seeks to break the stereotypes of what the mainstream media often assumes. Pillinger Choi, a Harvard alumna and author of the new book Bleeding...

Irony 2016: Will the U.S. Follow Britain’s Lead on Freedom and Independence?

Let’s follow the British lead on independence this time around!