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Day: June 22, 2016

Donald Trump: “Hillary Clinton is a World-Class Liar”

New York, NY. — In a counter attack speech, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump lambasted his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton as a “world-class liar,” and the...

2 Days BEFORE Orlando Jihadist, DHS Tells Officials Not to Use Words ‘Jihad’, ‘Sharia’

From Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch: The Obama administration is deeply committed to the proposition that it would be wrong and harmful to identify the jihad threat for what it is. In...

Bloody Ramadan: Jihad in Orlando, Philippines, Paris, and Possibly Texas (aka ‘Workplace Violence’)

In addition to the Orlando Islamic attack, at least 2 other Jihadist attacks have also taken place during Ramadan.

Rush Limbaugh: Obama’s Values not Traceable to our Founding

On the June 14 broadcast of EIB’s radio program, Rush Limbaugh said, “When I hear Obama start talking about American values, I don’t recognize a lot of them, honestly. His values, to me,...