Wendy’s Will Avoid Minimum Wage Increase With Self-Automated Kiosks

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 1.50.23 PMThe Wendy’s fast food chain has announced it will be adding self-automated kiosks at many locations in order to fight back against the mandatory minimum wage increase in California and New York. Instead of dishing out the cash, company owned restaurant locations will be serving employees with old fashion pink slips. Franchise owners will have the option to do the same, and why wouldn’t they? I am most certain franchise owners have less in the bank than corporate Wendy’s.

Personally, I am relieved that Wendy’s and a few other fast food chains will give the kiosks a chance. Paying more for a burger patty just didn’t seem like something I would necessarily consider. It is truly unfortunate that so many that at least had a job will soon join the unemployed. You can bet your bottom dollar employers will remember those that protested for the increase when deciding which employees to let go.

This is a classic case of liberals feeling entitled and victimized. Fast food restaurants for many years were considered jobs, not careers. We can thank former President Bill Clinton for signing NAFTA and sending careers to Mexico in 1993. Sadly, the ultra liberal Berkeley University announced it will eliminate over 500 staff jobs just after the wage increase was approved.  Coincidence?

Remember when California and New York were on your list of “Most Fascinating Places To Live”? Yeah, me neither.

Kimberly Klacik

District of Columbia Politichick Kimberly Klacik has a passion for politics. Once a democrat and President Obama supporter, Kimberly began to recognize the "land of the free" was slowly becoming the "land of the lost". As a nonprofit Founder/Executive Director headquartered in Baltimore, MD., Kimberly witnesses firsthand the misuse of government aid and the cultural crisis creating an economic disaster. Potential Me is an organization supporting women going into either the workforce, college, trade school, or the military. Kimberly spent most of her childhood in Accokeek, Maryland writing country music and reading a ton of fiction. From the hospitality industry to teaching gymnastics to preschoolers, Kimberly now considers herself a proficient people person. As a volunteer on Capitol Hill, Kimberly will converse with both members of Congress and their staff, on the record, in hopes of gaining some insight on what makes them tick.

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