Israel and U.S. Elections

PolitiChicks.comThe Presidential elections of 2016 could be known as one of the most important elections of American history. National security is one of the leading issues each candidate faces to let the people know why they are the best candidate. Israel is also a topic of the elections. As many Americans are coming out of the wood work learning about politics asking so why Israel even asked? It should only be about America.

So why is Israel always talked about. Israel is leading in the global war on radical Islam, a battle we face everyday. America has had military training exercise with Israel. The American government sends millions of dollars to Israel Military and to the PLO. Israel is also important because Israel and America are both sworn enemies of Iran who calls for the destruction of both. The new Commander in chief needs to know who their allies are to be able to combat terror to keep America safe.

Another interesting point to this is, there are many of Americans that live in Israel I fact there are 200,000 Americans that currently live in the holy land so pending on the person that gets elected can have a huge impact on those Americans that live here. Example President Barrack Obama encouraging along with the United Nations to restrain from destroying Hamas, an enemy of Israel that has murdered Americans. This recent rise of terrorism in Israel Americans have fallen to this enemy with no concern from the current administration.

Israel is a leading at start up companies as well as inventions of all kinds in different fields. With so many new products coming out of Israel daily this sparks American interest. Lots of financing, negotiations take place. All though this side of Israel is not well publicized it is extremely important because it helps with the economy of both countries.

As you can see this is a small portion why Israel is a huge key ally of America and it should be discussed how a potential candidate would handle this ally because it does affect America.

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