The New Tubman $20 Bill – A History Lesson

The portrait of Harriet Tubman, a black slave women, will soon be front and center on the new $20 bill, replacing President Andrew Jackson.  As a conservative, pro-life, pro-gun woman, I wholeheartedly support the change.

Treasury Secretary Jack Lew’s radical redesign of Americans’ money is almost certainly politically motivated to help Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid, playing on the “Year of the Woman” angle.   Quipped Lew:  “I’m very excited by it and I think it’s much bigger than just honoring one woman . . . . This is about saying that our money is going to tell a much bigger part of our story.”

Let’s tell that true story again for the next generation.  A history lesson is in order.

Harriet Tubman was an African-American slave turned abolitionist during the American Civil War.   She worked for the Union Army as a cook and nurse, and later as an armed scout and spy.  A devout Christian, Tubman was the first woman to lead an armed Union raiding party to free over 700 slaves.  Southern slave owners (essentially the Democrat Party of the day) hated and feared Tubman so much they posted rewards for her capture.

Harriet Tubman, Republican, replacing Andrew Jackson, slave-owning founder of the Democrat Party, on the $20 bill.
Harriet Tubman, Republican, replacing Andrew Jackson, slave-owning founder of the Democrat Party, on the $20 bill.

Thus, it is most fitting that Tubman, a former slave, gun-wielding black woman, replace the slave-owning President Andrew Jackson whose supporters founded the Democrat Party.  History is indeed an awesome thing to learn.


Susan Swift

California PolitiChick Susan Swift is a lawyer, author, wife and one conservative mother of seven children. She is currently the Director of Outreach and Engagement at the Right to Life League, American's first pro-life organization. Susan is addicted to the politics of today and always looking out for her little ones' futures. Susan is tough as nails...proud Texan, loves Guns, Freedom, and her right to use Free Speech how she sees fit. And, as a former actress in Hollywood, she always has an opinion about the politics running that town. For more on Susan visit her website at Follow on social media @RealSusanSwift

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