Sunny Lohmann: Should I Invite Men Into My Bathroom?

The brilliant Sunny Lohmann talks about what could become an actual (and very dangerous) war on women:  the transgender bathroom crisis.  Or, as Sunny calls it, “the most important issue of our times…this week, anyway.”

Sunny writes, “My video is comedic, as usual, but there is a serious issue underlying this. Isn’t there always, tho?

I have no issue with trans-ladies-formerly-known-as-men using the woman’s bathroom. I’ve seen it before and in general I don’t care. But I do have a problem with laws mandating it be allowed. A woman needs to be able to complain if she feels threatened. Period. It is unsafe to bully her into silence. She needs to feel empowered to act on her instincts. Further an engraved invitation welcoming every male predator into spaces where woman take their clothes off is not my idea of smart policy. The collateral damage of this policy being foisted on the country by the federal government is too high. Find another way.”

And visit Sunny Lohmann’s website:

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