Bernie Sanders Continues to Push the Thirteenth Grade 

bernie sanders sleepsPresidential candidate Bernie Sanders believes Free College For All is his ticket to becoming the democratic nominee. Sure, convincing those currently enrolled in college fitting the bill isn’t tough, but those whom actually understand economics are not quite sold.

Sanders’s College For All plan would make public colleges and universities tuition free. Let’s just stop right there, isn’t public k-12 free now? Do we not pursue higher education due to the invaluable free high school diploma not even worth mentioning on our resumes? Free college would eventually devalue higher education, forcing employers to raise the standard during their selection process.

Similar to Obamacare, the College For All bill would have to pass through congress and be accepted by all 50 states. Both the House and Senate are controlled by republicans, I checked, Sanders does not mention the difficulty level of passing the bill by such a fiscally responsible group on his website. Hypothetically, if only 33 states out of 50 agree with free college tuition, that would leave major gaps in his plan, leaving a fair amount of liberals in debt. Imagine all the victims?

Some often overlook the fact that a college education doesn’t guarantee a career. Perhaps free college would then force a few to take personal responsibility for their situation? Many want a job, but do not want to work. If the lack of education is no longer an obstacle, some may have no choice but to look in the mirror for answers. In that case, free liberal arts degrees for everyone!

Kimberly Klacik

District of Columbia Politichick Kimberly Klacik has a passion for politics. Once a democrat and President Obama supporter, Kimberly began to recognize the "land of the free" was slowly becoming the "land of the lost". As a nonprofit Founder/Executive Director headquartered in Baltimore, MD., Kimberly witnesses firsthand the misuse of government aid and the cultural crisis creating an economic disaster. Potential Me is an organization supporting women going into either the workforce, college, trade school, or the military. Kimberly spent most of her childhood in Accokeek, Maryland writing country music and reading a ton of fiction. From the hospitality industry to teaching gymnastics to preschoolers, Kimberly now considers herself a proficient people person. As a volunteer on Capitol Hill, Kimberly will converse with both members of Congress and their staff, on the record, in hopes of gaining some insight on what makes them tick.

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