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Day: April 27, 2016

Donald Trump Outlines ‘America First’ Foreign Policy in Washington, DC

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump delivered a foreign policy address in Washington, calling for a “new rational foreign policy approach” that puts “America...

Ted Cruz to Name Carly Fiorina as VP Pick

After days of speculation, Senator Ted Cruz will announce today at his afternoon rally in Indianapolis, Indiana that he has chosen former GOP rival Carly Fiorina to be his running mate should he...

Daniel Greenfield: The Fallacy of Focusing on Islamic Radicalization

We cannot and will not defeat Islamic terror without honestly and bluntly confronting Islamization.

AlfonZo Rachel: Clinton is an Agent of Oppression!

Hillary Clinton saying that unborn children have no constitutional rights is a democrat using the same language democrats used to justified slavery.

Leftist Activist Says Avoiding Rape is “White Privilege”

Daniel Greenfield discusses how after being raped, a leftist mourned his Somalian rapist being deported & claims avoiding rape is white privilege.

Donald Trump Sweeps All Five Northeast States

New York, NY. — It was a big night for Donald Trump, who swept all five primaries across the Northeastern coast on Tuesday night, securing a stronger front-runner status and bringing him...