Day: April 23, 2016

Cruz Slams Trump’s Support of Grown Men Using Women’s Restrooms

Cruz: "There are some bad people in the world and we shouldn’t be facilitating putting little girls alone in a bathroom with grown adult men."

Chelsea Clinton: Now that Scalia’s Gone the Supreme Court Will Rule for Gun Control (VIDEO)

At a campaign event in Maryland on Thursday, Chelsea Clinton admitted that the Left is planning to use the Supreme Court to enact greater gun control if a Democrat wins the presidency this fall....

Tax Foundation: Americans Will Spend More on Taxes This Year Than on These Three Things Combined…

It is certain that the burden of enormous taxes will be an issue on voters’ minds come November.

Common Core Math: 2+ 2 Might, Maybe, Kinda, Sorta, = 5?

Word is that students are able to claim 2 + 2 = 5 & get credit for “creative thinking” so long as they explain their process to arrive at that answer.