Cruz Wins Utah Primary, Trump Wins Arizona (and Kasich Comes in FOURTH In AZ)

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.09.47 AMTuesday’s primaries in winner-take-all states Arizona and Utah, once again became a two-man race between Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz.

Trump just missed the halfway mark with 47.1% in Arizona but he won the state’s 58 delegates.  In Utah, Sen. Cruz won by a landslide with 69% of the votes, taking all 40 delegates.

As for Gov. John Kasich, an early CNN headline said it all:  “Kasich Lost to Rubio’s Ghost in Arizona”.  Marco Rubio, who isn’t even in the race anymore, beat Kasich by over 18,000 votes.

After Tuesday’s primaries, Trump has 739 delegates, Sen. Cruz 465, and John Kasich has 143.

On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton took Arizona and Bernie Sanders won Utah.

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