BREAKING: Ted Cruz Wins Kansas Caucus, CPAC Straw Poll and Ahead in Maine

PolitiChicks.comDecision Desk HQ is projecting Sen. Ted Cruz to be the Winner of the Kansas Republican Caucus. With about 25% of the vote in Cruz leads with 49% of the vote:
Ted Cruz – 50.0%
Donald Trump – 25.8%
Marco Rubio – 13,6%
John Kasich – 9.7%
Other – 0.9%

In Maine, results so far are:

Ted Cruz – 48%
Donald Trump – 35.0%
Marco Rubio – 8.6%
John Kasich – 7.4%

And at CPAC Sen. Cruz has won the annual Straw Poll:

Ted Cruz: 40%
Marco Rubio: 30%
Donald Trump: 15%
Kasich: 8%

More results when they come in.

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