American Politics: Hail Caesar!

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 11.41.40 AMHail Caesar!

Tired of the burden of their long held liberties, the people thundered forth in cacophonous symphony…

Will Donald Trump win the 2024 election?

Hail Caesar!

Trusting that the wisdom of the purple surpassed their own, content with their bread and circuses the mob cried in lifted voices…

Hail Caesar!

Assailed by foes real and imagined the mob did quail, forgetting their ancient resolve the swords of the people did clatter to the ground as they shouted…

Hail Caesar! He will protect us!

Long prosperity bought through blood and toil fastened the chains of indolence and folly more securely than any foreign aggressor, lusting for riches but with no taste for sacrifice the mob exalted…

Hail Caesarissa! She will shower us in gold!

Casting aside the warnings and wisdom of their ancestors the mob happily broke the shackles on unchecked power, for who could see further than the Emperor…

Hail Caesar! For his wisdom is great!

Taught to feel shame in their accomplishments and to assign the sins of the parent to the debt of the child the mob assented…

Hail Caesarissa! For she will make good past wrongs!

Accepting the comforts of the Sophist over the wisdom of the past, the mob embraced sweet fiction and shut their eyes as the siren song lulled them to quiescence…

Hail Caesar! For he is like me!

Believing the alchemical promises, the mob lifted their hands gratefully as coins were tossed from on high, enraptured by the golden promises of a still greater plenty they exalted!

Hail Caesarissa! She will make everyone alike a King or Queen!

And thus the Eagle was cloistered behind golden bars of suspicion, and fettered with diamond chains of naivete…

All Hail Caesar and Caesarissa!

With no Cicero or Cato to object, what a small price for security and prosperity to cast aside the burden of liberty, and the people exalted to Olympian heights…

All Hail the Empire!

Brendon Berger

Brendon Berger is the Producer for “The Michael Dukes Show” which can be heard on AM 700 KBYR in Anchorage, Alaska. He has worked up and down the radio dial doing everything from ‘Classic Gold’ Oldies in Montana to Celebrity Gossip Talk in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A conservative/libertarian trapped in a millennial generation rapidly sprinting leftward he is constantly having throw his hands in the air at the foolishness of statists be they Donkeys or Elephants.

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