Day: March 16, 2016

GOP Establishment Demands Cruz “Apologize to McConnell” If They Back Him

Political blackmail? Establishment GOP-types are calling for Sen. Cruz to apologize to Mitch McConnell for calling him a 'liar' after McConnell lied.

RNC and FOX News Cancel Scheduled Utah GOP Debate

The 13th GOP debate scheduled for Monday in Salt Lake City, Utah has been canceled by FOX News after front-runner Donald Trump and Ohio Governor John Kasich said they would not attend. “I...

BREAKING: Obama Nominates Anti-Gun Illinois Judge for SCOTUS

Obama has made his SCOTUS selection, giving 2A supporters much to be leery about.

#MonaLog: March 15th Primaries (Super Tuesday 3) Edition

Headlines: Adios Marco Rubio; John Kasich scores his first win in Ohio, Donald Trump Super win in Florida, Illinois, North Carolina; Virtually tie in Missouri for Trump and Ted Cruz Results:...

Dr. Jamie Glazov: Remembering a Dissident

Dr. Jamie Glazov shares a very personal story of his father, Soviet dissident Yuri Glazov.

Clarifying Party Branding For The Politically Confused

Politics have become more about branding; branding Parties, issues and personalities, than about policy.

Is Destroying a Legacy In Order To “Make America Great”?

Andrew Breitbart created his website to call out corruption within the mainstream media. What would he think of today?