Day: March 6, 2016

#MonaLog: #CPAC2016 Recap

Headlines: Ted Cruz wins CPAC straw poll. Donald Trump cancels his CPAC appearance. Ben Carson officially suspends his presidential bid. Cruz wins CPAC straw poll Senator Ted Cruz won the CPAC...

Ohio Primary Ballot Very Confusing–Here’s A Little Help.

The Ohio primary ballot is very confusing. We're hoping this helps.

Marco Rubio Wins Puerto Rico Primary

Sen. Marco Rubio has won the Puerto Rico primary.

A Farewell to Nancy Reagan

A tribute to the beautiful love between Ronald and Nancy Reagan.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan Is, Once Again, With the Love of Her Life

Former first lady Nancy Reagan is, once again, with the love of her life.

6,000 Puerto Rican Inmates Voting in Sunday’s GOP Primary

Puerto Rican inmates will help determine who wins the GOP primary on Sunday.

Super Saturday: 64 Delegates for Cruz, 49 Delegates for Trump

It was a split match between candidates on Saturday with the most delegates going to Sen. Cruz.

Why Now, Mitt Romney?

Dr. Sarah Condor wonders why Mitt Romney is suddenly involved in the presidential primary, yet isn't endorsing anyone?

What Are Christians Who Vote for Trump Really Voting For?

They say politics makes strange bedfellows. It’s also been said that all is fair in love and war. The idea behind that one implies that some areas of life are so important that you can’t blame...