Day: March 5, 2016

Trump Wins Louisiana

Donald Trump has been declared the winner of the Louisiana primary.

Ted Cruz Wins Maine GOP Caucus

The Republican Party Chair in Maine has announced Sen. Ted Cruz the winner of the Maine caucus.

BREAKING: Ted Cruz Wins Kansas Caucus, CPAC Straw Poll and Ahead in Maine

Ted Cruz has won both the Kansas caucus and the CPAC straw poll.

This Is What Ted Cruz Was Doing During the Debate Commercial Breaks

Thursday night’s Republican debate was certainly another nasty backyard brawl between Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. The three alpha males certainly duked it out on camera. But during...

Jeff Sessions Appointed as Trump’s National Security Chairman Days After Endorsement

Donald Trump announced he has just tapped Senator Jeff Sessions to serve as the Chairman of his National Security Advisory Committee.

Thursday Night’s GOP Debate: Turning a Backyard Brawl into Yoga Class

The Fox News GOP debate was another night made for reality television, just as the entire primary season has become.