Day: March 2, 2016

Dr. Ben Carson: Not Attending GOP Debate But Not Out of Race. Yet.

Although Dr. Ben Carson announced he won't participate in Thursday's GOP debate, he is possibly still running for president. Or not.

#MonaLog: #SuperTuesday Edition

Headlines: Super TRUMP Day; Ted Cruz wins 3 states; Marco Rubio finally wins a state; Ben Carson: “Not Ready to Quit” and John Kasich gets ready for “March Madness” Super...

Jake Tapper to Marco Rubio: “Are You in Denial?”

On CNN Sen. Rubio pitched his talking points to Jake Tapper, but Tapper wasn't buying it.

Larry Elder to Take Over Hugh Hewitt Time Slot on Salem

Beginning Monday, April 4th, Larry Elder will take over Hugh Hewitt's national syndication time slot on Salem Network Radio.

The Art of the Steal: How Trump Won Over the GOP

How did Donald Trump win over key members of the GOP?

Unfit to Be President?

Dr. Sarah Condor weighs the pros and cons of some of the candidates for president.