Peyton Manning Born With Cleft Lip; Many Cleft Babies Are Aborted

Parents are often pressured to abort their unborn baby simply because the child has a cleft lip, even though it is a correctable condition. Physicians classify it as a disability. Yet a surprising number of successful individuals were born with cleft lips. Among them is Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.

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“Manning’s success story shows that his cleft lip did not hinder him at all. Because his parents chose life, Manning was able to grow and pursue his dreams in football. This week, he and his team will play in the biggest American sports game of the year — the 2016 Super Bowl. Manning is not only well known as a successful quarterback, but also as a faithful Christian, husband and father.

Many babies born with this condition aren’t given the chance Manning’s parents gave him. Instead, they are aborted or left to die. According to a 2013 article in The Telegraph, “More than 10 times as many abortions take place for cleft lip than are recorded in the Department Health statistics.” Because even a child with a cleft lip is viewed as less than perfect in our society, physicians often suggest abortion.”

Peyton Manning’s story is such an encouragement for parents who have children with disabilities. His story proves that disabilities do not define a person or hinder them from achieving success. Rather than allow these difficulties to mark the end of a child’s story, families should embrace the gift of their son or daughter’s life.

We are thankful Peyton’s parents chose life so that we can all enjoy watching him play in Super Bowl 50 this year. 980531_10153934750381318_4014372528678730818_o

Sonya Sasser

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