BREAKING Trump Press Conference: “The Republicans have been very disappointing” CHARLESTON, SC– Monday Donald Trump held a press conference that was live-streamed on YouTube.

Trump expressed his disappointment in the Republican Party, the RNC, and he stood strong on his insistence that 9/11 was  President George W. Bush’s responsibility. “I keep hearing he kept the county safe after 9/11, what about during?  The worst attack on this country, it was during his presidency.” 

The bulk of his conference was restating his belief that Ted Cruz is a “liar” and a “cheater”.  “The good ones don’t get caught,” he said.

Other topics he discussed:

Republican Party:  “The Republicans have been very very disappointing.  I always say Obama is the worst negotiator I’ve ever seen with everybody but the Republicans.” 

South Carolina debate:  “I thought it was my best debate but I was attacked by everybody…I was being attacked by the moderators…that’s why they got good ratings.”

Sen. Cruz:  “When Cruz lies about virtually everything I’ve done, they (South Carolinians) know better.”

Sen. Cruz’s eligibility:  “If Cruz ever got the nomination the Democrats are gonna file a lawsuit.  So if I file it, I have a very good lawyer…If I were him I’d advise him, because I’m more moral than he is in my opinion…”

Dealing with pressure:  “I think I deal with pressure well…I don’t think Cruz deals well with pressure, I think he’s a basket case…I don’t think Rubio handles pressure well, you saw that with his run-in with Christie.  I was standing next to Rubio, and I thought he just got out of a swimming pool, he was soaking wet…”

Deal-making:  “You wanna make a good deal with Russia?  I’m gonna make the great trade deals, the great deals…”

The Wall:  “We’re gonna build a wall.  Mexico’s gonna pay for the wall…trust me they’re gonna pay for the wall.”

Building support:  “I’ve received so many calls, the most unsuspecting people that you would not believe.  I’m a unifier. Obama is not a unifier, by the way…”


On winning South Carolina:  “My only worry about South Carolina is my opponents lie.  Especially Cruz, I’ve said he’s the single worst liar Ive ever seen.  If people believe the lies, then, ya know we won’t make america great again because nobody can do it but me…they’re all bought & paid for by special interests…They’re not gonna make good trade deals…We’re gonna become rich again and great again..

On losing Iowa:  “Iowa should overturn the election…what Cruz did is a fraud.”

The RNC:  “The RNC is in default.  When somebody’s in default that means the other side can do what they have to do.  The RNC gave all the tickets to special interests…I had my wife and my kids because I don’t have donors…We’ve warned them twice and they don’t listen.  The RNC is controlled by the establishment , the special interest snap the donors.”


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