Black Lives Matter Has A Hole the Size of Africa In Their Mantra According to their website, Black Lives Matter is taking a stance on many different irrelevant issues, but most notably police brutality. I have attempted many times to concede their position, but the question remains, why have only African Americans encountered adversity from the authorities?

Approximately 168,000 Nigerians, 460,000 Ethiopians, close to 500,000 Liberians and over 91,000 Ghanaians currently reside in the United States. So I ask myself, are those with undistinguishable features from blacks just lucky? The assertion is simply that black people are being targeted because of the color of their skin, but based on the numbers, the notion lacks consistency.

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African immigrants enjoy metropolitan real estate and are right in the thick of things.  New York, the District of Columbia, Philadelphia, and Baltimore are all highly populated with Africans excited to be in the U.S. Just in 2012, Nigerians ranked as the most educated ethnic group in the United States. Again, I am dumbfounded, some Black Lives Matter activists claim via Twitter the poor education offered in urban communities is part of “the plan” to stagnate blacks in America. However, the Nigerians are attending the same schools.

According to 2006 census data, 37% of Nigerians in the U.S. had bachelor’s degrees, 17% held master’s degrees and 4% had doctorates. In contrast, the same census data showed only 19% of white Americans had bachelor’s degrees, 8% held master’s degrees and only 1% held doctorates. Things that make you go hmm…

From what I gather, Black Lives Matter has only one purpose, and that is to further divide. BLM is being funded by George Soros, conservative hating Hungarian/Jew, in order to profit on the collapse of America’s economy. Reportedly, Soros paid BLM $33 million just to turn up the heat, pun intended, in Ferguson, Missouri.

Bottom line, Black Lives Matter lacks both consistency and rationality. If all blacks were being targeted based on melanin, Nigerians, Liberians, Ethiopians, and Ghanaians would fall victim to the same mistreatment. There are a few bad cops and even more untrained, but at the end of the day, there are more blacks being killed by each other. There is no doubt blacks are at a disadvantage in the U.S., but to further divide Americans is not the answer.

Kimberly Klacik

District of Columbia Politichick Kimberly Klacik has a passion for politics. Once a democrat and President Obama supporter, Kimberly began to recognize the "land of the free" was slowly becoming the "land of the lost". As a nonprofit Founder/Executive Director headquartered in Baltimore, MD., Kimberly witnesses firsthand the misuse of government aid and the cultural crisis creating an economic disaster. Potential Me is an organization supporting women going into either the workforce, college, trade school, or the military. Kimberly spent most of her childhood in Accokeek, Maryland writing country music and reading a ton of fiction. From the hospitality industry to teaching gymnastics to preschoolers, Kimberly now considers herself a proficient people person. As a volunteer on Capitol Hill, Kimberly will converse with both members of Congress and their staff, on the record, in hopes of gaining some insight on what makes them tick.

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