Day: February 10, 2016

Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Socialists

Kids are mesmerized by socialists like Bernie Sanders waving around all that "free stuff" so Moms, it's time to teach them what "free" really means.

Daniel Greenfield: The Traditionalist Rebel

The traditionalist rebel seeks to scale down issues to character while the leftist authoritarian seeks to scale them up to institutions.

A Special Place in Hell for Hillary’s Voters

Madeleine Albright played the religion card on the campaign trail for Hillary Clinton: Women who don't vote for Hillary Clinton will go to Hell.

200 Million Women Victimized by Female Genital Mutilation

As a former Muslim Imam, Dr. Mark Christian discusses the Islamic texts that inspire and sanction female genital mutilation.

#MonaLog: New Hampshire Primary Edition

Headlines: Donald Trump won huge by double-digit margins; John Kasich surprise second place finish; Ted Cruz beats Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio for third place victory. Countdown Clock: 5 GOP...