Day: February 5, 2016

Recount: Iowa’s DEMOCRAT Coin Toss Caucus Doesn’t Pass Smell Test

Did something fishy happen at Iowa's Democrat caucus?

Zika Panic: “STOP KISSING!”

The people of Brazil are being told the solution to the Zika virus is to stop kissing; but is there more to it?

Donald Trump Takes New Hampshire By Storm with Retail Campaigning

Coming from a second place finish in the Iowa caucus, real estate mogul Donald Trump is switching his campaign style tactics from just holding one huge rally a day to now holding a more...

Why Such Animosity Between Supporters of the Presidential Candidates?

Some supporters of the various candidates are unleashing vitriol at fellow party members who support a different candidate. And it is getting ugly.

Daniel Greenfield: The Left’s Manufactured Muslim Crisis

When a Muslim terrorist comes to America, it’s the left that agitates to admit him. Before he kills, it’s the left that fights to protect him from the FBI.