Conservative Hollywood: What Changed Them? What changed three former Democrats and Hollywood entertainers to make them such strong American conservatives today?  That will be asked by the Ladies of Liberty Republican
Women’s Club when they host an evening of fun, food and insight in Texas next week.  

Comedian and author Evan Sayet and PolitiChicks Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany will be the featured speakers at a January 22nd event entitled, ‘Conservative Hollywood:  The Beautiful, Brilliant and Bold”.  

The “bold, brilliant and beautiful” PolitiChicks, Ann-Marie Murrell and Morgan Brittany, co-wrote the book, “What Women Really Want” with Dr. Gina Loudon (who isn’t able to attend). What they have to say speaks volumes about their personal successes in life and the joys afforded women through their relationships in the home domestically and their public personas.  They understand this is because of the perimeters and inclusions of our national treasures of justice.  They understand that it is in our legislation and the enforcement of laws, that protects women and allows them to move freely, to grow, to exercise their inherited skills and talents beyond mediocrity enriching their families, communities and country with and in equal measures of respect for one another.

Also bold, beautiful and brilliant is Evan Sayet, the author of ‘The Kindergarden of Eden – How the modern liberal thinks’.  Called a ‘genius’ by Rush Limbaugh, Evan will share his understanding of the psychological misunderstandings of the liberal movement. As a former writer for Bill Maher and other leftist venues, Evan is an expert in how they think. Evan Sayet articulates what is on the tip of our tongues that we can’t quite explain–and we must be able to understand them in order to communicate our thoughts and concerns.

Join us for a night of laughs, great discussions and thought provoking insight to keep you motivated well into 2016.

Friday, January 22 at 7 PM – 11 PM in CST
Rising Sun Cafe
3101 Unicorn Lake Blvd, Denton, Texas 76210
Dinner includes Steak, Lobster Bisque and more!

To purchase tickets visit the link below:

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