Day: January 27, 2016

Huckabee’s Iowa Rendition of “Hello” by Adele

Mike Huckabee is doing everything in his power to gain momentum in Iowa before the caucus next week. The campaign’s latest twist? Trying to get millennials on board by doing his own music...

Trump: “When someone crosses you, my advice is GET EVEN!”

Is Donald Trump following his own advice by skipping the GOP debate, enacting revenge on his enemies?

FBI Thwarts Mass Shooting Plot

Tuesday, January 26, FBI agents thwarted an attack on the Humphrey Scottish Rite Masonic Temple.

National Review Under Fire for Criticizing Trump

If a Pres. Trump builds a wall and National Review goes on vacation to Italy, will he allow National Review back into the US?

Does Sarah Palin Seal the Deal for Trump?

After being wooed by every presidential candidate, Sarah Palin endorses Trump. What does this mean for the other GOP candidates?

Pollsters Clueless as Iowa Caucus Looms

Pollsters don't know how the Iowa caucus will go next week. And it's galling them.

Ted Cruz Challenges Donald Trump to a 1-on-1 Debate Before Iowa Caucus

  On the eve of the last GOP debate before the Iowa Caucus, Texas Senator Ted Cruz held a pro-life rally that was filled beyond capacity. Held at Noah’s Event Venue in West Des Moines, Cruz...

Rubio in Iowa Slams Trump-Cruz ‘Sideshow’

Fighting to move from 3rd place to 1st, Marco Rubio is hitting the frontrunner candidates hard in Iowa.