Day: January 26, 2016

Possible ‘Active Shooter’ Reported at Naval Medical Center in San Diego

Reporting of an "active shooter" at a San Diego Naval medical center.

Baby Part Sellers, No Charges; Pro Life Activists, Indicted by Grand Jury

Despite being caught red-handed selling baby parts, the guilty are free & the pro life people proving their guilt are indicted. Backwards World.

Man Who Correctly Predicted All States in 2012 Has Prediction for Iowa

Nate Silver, the statistician who predicted the election results for all 50 states in 2012, has now predicted Iowa's winner for 2016.

Hillary’s Cough: The OTHER Hacking Scandal

Hillary’s coughing fits are neither trivial nor rare. They are debilitating, uncontrollable and chronic starting at least as far back as eight years ago.

Tens of Thousands Brave DC Blizzard to Speak Out for Life – Even the Exceptions

Things were different this year for the annual March for Life in Washington DC.

#MonaLog: Trump to skip FOX News debate while Paul returns & endorsement boost for Cruz and Rubio

Welcome to the #MonaLog – a PolitiChicks Insider into the 2016 race and I am live from Des Moines, Iowa Donald Trump will skip FOX News debate; Rand Paul returns to the main stage; Tony...

Ben Carson Holds Prayer Rally ‘Revive 714’ in Iowa

  A week before the Iowa caucuses, Dr. Ben Carson is shifting his campaign events from normal political campaigning to a religious focus as means to boost his standing with evangelical...