Day: January 22, 2016

Marco Rubio in New Hampshire: “Frustration isn’t enough to elect any Republican”

With Iowa and New Hampshire voting drawing near, Florida Senator Marco Rubio is focusing his message on being the only candidate running who can relate to everyday people. “It is not enough to...

#MonaLog: Conservatives Unite Against Trump & Huckabee Challenges Cruz’s Tithing

In today's #MonaLog, a group of conservatives unite against Trump, GOP debate criteria is announced and Huckabee challenges Cruz's tithing.

Jeb! Embraces Family Name

Is Jeb finally acknowledging that his last name is Bush?

Ted Cruz Wraps up NH Bus Tour as Establishment Escalates Attacks

Frightened Establishment Republicans seem to be abandoning their hope for Rubio & are scrambling to oust Ted Cruz who is campaigning in New Hampshire.

Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

Stephen Coughlin discusses the film 13 Hours – Secret Soldiers of Benghazi, focusing on a few crucial things not covered in the film.

Daniel Greenfield: Why Feminism Failed Cologne’s Women

Daniel Greenfield explains the way Feminism failed (raped) women in Cologne, Germany.