Day: January 13, 2016

#MonaLog: GOP Debate and New Jeb Ad Attacking Trump

In today's #MonaLog, candidates are prepping for tomorrow's GOP debate, Jeb has a new ad attacking Donald Trump and more.

Can You Handle the Truth?

Resolutions to seek the truth seem to be more frequent this year than ever before.

Pro-Gun Libertarian Candidate Makes Waves in CO U.S. Senate Race

Pro-gun Lily Tang Williams resigned her position as state chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado to run for the U.S. Senate.

Ted Cruz Addresses Trump & Protesters in New Hampshire

On the night of Obama’s final State of the Union address, Texas Senator Ted Cruz was miles away campaigning in the Granite State.

Anni Cyrus: Divorce and a Death Sentence Under Sharia

Anni Cyrus discusses the nightmare confronting a woman who dares to try to escape her “marriage” under Sharia.