Day: January 4, 2016

Rubio Slams GOP Rivals and Hillary Clinton in his National Security Speech

In New Hampshire, Sen. Marco Rubio spent more time bashing his fellow Republicans than his Democrat rivals.

Daniel Greenfield: Muslim Immigration is What ISIS Wants

To understand ISIS, you have to understand the difference between terrorists and Islamic terrorists. Ordinary terrorists have two goals; to compel the enemy to meet their political demands and to...

Trump Supporters Loathed—and Why We Don’t Care

Yes, Donald Trump supporters are lambasted on both the left and right, but Pamela Anne says, 'We don't care!"

10 Things America Must Do to Defend Itself From Jihad

Michael Finch and Robert Spencer discuss 10 Things America Must Do To Defend Itself From Jihad & the crucial steps the U.S. must take to reverse the tide.