This War is Not About Religion, It Is About Hate.

PolitiChicks.comThanksgiving is far behind us and America is in full swing for Christmas. Red and green appears in abundance amongst presents wrapped in shiny ribbons and bows; bells are ringing, and pumpkin pie is on every menu. But through it all, it is hard to appreciate the nostalgic effect of the twinkling lights, smell of pine, and excitement in a child’s eyes when all around the world people are grieving and living in fear of the next bomb, the next bullet, the next wave of death, destruction and heartache.

On Thanksgiving night as I drifted off to sleep, my mind gave way to our grateful holiday and I thought of President Francois Hollande. I never would have believed that he would be at the top of my prayer list but he is, along with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin. I am extremely thankful for both of these men because they appear to have a grip on reality in this war against ISIS. As a born and bred American, I must say it feels like we are in The Twilight Zone.  I have been watching and listening to these leaders since the November assault on Paris and am awe struck over the stark comparison between the French President and our very own President “Nobel Peace Prize” Obama in the way they both reacted to jihadist attacks.

When the devastating attack of September 11, 2001 occurred, we were lucky enough to have President George W. Bush as Commander in Chief because he was not confused as to whom the enemy was and he did his job. He immediately took hold of the power he held and used it to keep us safe.  President Bush had his priorities in order and did not confuse leftist’s stupidity concerning war and peace and he put blame where it belonged:  He blamed the bad guys. President Bush accused the actions of those men who used airplanes full of innocent souls as bombs and flew them into buildings full of innocent people because they wanted to kill many as possible.   President Bush blamed the terrorists. He correctly ascertained the enemy and then played hard ball because he understood the repercussions of the heinous act and the need for immediate and swift action.

One thing President Bush did not do was blame American citizens for the bloody crime of these Middle Eastern men.   And neither did President Hollande blame his French citizens for the crimson November night in France and President Putin did not blame the Russian people for the lost lives brought down on Flight 9268. These three brave leaders may not always see eye to eye but they are clear on who the enemy is…and Obama is not.  President Barack Husein Obama thinks the enemy is the Republican party, the NRA, Rush Limbaugh and his listeners, and/or basically anyone who does not agree with him.

On September 12, 2001 Americans witnessed a most unusual effect from the assault on our freedom, and that was a Congress with no divide. Mind you, the divide was not conquered by Republicans waving peace flags; instead it was subjugated with Democrats saying let’s go, get your guns, this is war. For 24 hours after the first plane hit, there was not a Dove to be found in the Beltway or any other state in the union.

Congress quickly found out as the carnage was being deciphered through…one of the planes was headed straight for the Capitol but diverged by brave passengers who took on the high jackers causing it to crash in Pennsylvania instead. This fact put their mortality on the front lines along side by side of the uniformed members of the military forces. Even Democrats like then-Senators Obama and Hillary Clinton signed off on war. They signed because it was war. The Islamic hijackers had started the war.

I understand full well the other view of the picture. I understand there are some who feel that both Paris and America deserved to be attacked. But people who think this way unfortunately do not grasp the way the world spins.

All of the 9/11 rhetoric since 2001 has been about how we will “never forget what happened to us” and why. The victims of that unforgettable Tuesday morning are long gone. The memorials are up but people have taken the flags off of their vehicles and homes to push the painful past out of their minds.   But now, the sentiment of National unity needs to come back to the forefront because it appears that some Americans have forgotten about that blood-splattered day and the gaping hole it bore into countless innocent lives.

September 11, 2001, the Paris attack, and the most recent assailing strike by the married jihadists in California were all carried out by people who have radical views on life. They have no respect for the essence of humanity. Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik had a six month old daughter that they happily left to live as an orphan in the country they hate.

At the end of the day, President Obama is congruent with his message of laissez-fair government. He continues his mantra that he is not concerned with America being any sort of leader or winner.  Unfortunately his “plan” is not working and is putting us at a much greater risk, by forcing us to quietly sit rather than strongly stand up for this country and her belief in freedom and the pursuit to happiness.  The way he enforces his point is by saying Republicans are “playing on fear to advance their political campaign.”

The fierce and bold reaction of the President of France is what we need in our country. We should all demand a leader who will face reality and stop deflecting reality to pursue personal political gain.

Who could ever imagine in their wildest dreams that an American President would be correctly be referred to as weak? This concept is a rough and a dangerous reality for Americans. If we ever needed a real man in office it is now, and if I could I would say to President Obama the words President Bush said after 9/11:  “You are either with us or against us.”



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