The Matter of Gun Rights…For Leftists

PolitiChicks.comMaybe you learned everything from mom: She taught you about eyelashes and earrings; pigtails and panache; mating, dating and everything in between.

You grew up knowing you were the Pro-Voice champ: Making poster boards for gay rights rallies, marched your tired feet in a pair of hand me down shoes for equal pay-and even wore your favorite aunt’s Planned Parenthood badge (signed, of course by the one and only Gloria Steinem).!

Which Candidate Do You Support in the Republican Primaries?

You are a proud American!

But then a day comes, and you can’t quite explain it. Being pro-choice, versus having a guarantee of your pro-choice ‘rights’ just doesn’t seem to be matching up. You make some phone calls, you schedule some meetings and suddenly you find out:

You are not alone. 

Other’s hear of your growing mantra as well: “My Body-My Rights-My Constitution!” signatures are gathered, Congress begins to hold hearings and suddenly we are facing a question of Constitutional concern:

Is the right to an abortion to be protected by our most sacred document? 

This idea–this movement–is suddenly the talk of every show in the land. Debates ramp up nightly on every cable news show; bloggers and vloggers and Priests and Parents are all weighing on this now sacred RIGHT you now know belongs to you.

And you are changing. What you once felt inside; now you DEMAND be recognized and ensured for millennia so that no law shall set it aside in your country!

The vote draws near. Pundits proclaim ‘this will be the biggest mid-term voter turnout’ in our country’s history. Billboards, playing cards, bumper stickers and more are seen across this great country displaying your demand for victory:

“My Body-My Rights-My Constitution.”

And then, the day arrives. A brisk, early Tuesday morning in November you go vote to ensure this Constitutional Amendment happens. It feels amazing: Two long years have passed and state governments have weighed in, Supreme Court rulings have been issued, and now there is no turning back.

It’s. Finally. Here.

You go pick up your beaming, proud Mom. The one that taught you; stand up for your rights, fight for your rights, and you never, ever let anyone take them away from you.

Butterflies overtake you as you push the button. “YES”, as you get to proclaim your freedom from those that have subjugated women since our ancestor’s left a cave. “YES” you proclaim, this is my body, to never be given up over any political whim, or ‘mob mentality’ overreaction.

“YES” you vote, finally declaring your doctrine that has swept the nation:


AND IT PASSES! Elation overpowers your every emotion, as you hug your mom and say: ‘Finally, it CANNOT be challenged! They can never, EVER take away this right!!’

Except, you don’t have that Constitutional right.

Gun owners do. 

Sean O'Reilly

Sean O’Reilly’s conservatarian roots grew from being a small business owner in the liberal land of Minnesota. You can find him daily; managing, moderating and leading political debate on the popular Fox News Fans Facebook page. His passions include photography and fishing. Sean also enjoys countryside living with Nancy, his partner of 20+ years.! Sean can be followed online at: or

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