Leftists’ Revenge: (D) City Councilwoman Tweets Voters Personal Info


(Minneapolis, MN) Democratic Minneapolis Councilwoman Alondra Cano decided to march with the Black Lives Matter protestors in their attempt to shut down the Mall of America (MegaMall) 2 days before Christmas. And she apparently sought revenge against her constituents who believed her actions were inappropriate.

Days earlier, the privately held Megamall sought and successfully received a court order barring the Black Lives Matter organizers from demonstrating on their property.

The court order did not stop Councilwoman Cano, however. She proceeded to join over a dozen other protestors December 23rd on the MegaMall property.

But many of her constituents were not happy with that decision.

Several local voters began sending private messages to Cano, worried that her involvement in the holiday shopping disruption at the Megamall was highly inappropriate for a sitting Councilwoman.

Cano apparently didn’t care. And she took action against those that had shown their dissent:  She (publicly) tweeted the private messages and personal contact information of 4 voters that disapproved of her actions.

This disgraced practice, known as “Doxing” (posting someone’s private information on social media to shame them) was accomplished by posting the voter’s private messages on Councilwoman Cano’s very public Twitter social media account.

One of the individuals “doxed” was local constituent Stephen Dent, whom ironically had been a contributor to Cano’s campaign. In his message, Dent stated Cano was no longer fit for public office with her involvement in “closing private property”. He also suggested she was “supporting illegal actions” by being involved with the protest.

Cano took umbrage to Dent’s message: She then tweeted his private communique along with his personal contact information. She also tweeted the private messages and contact information of 3 other constituents.  (The private information included their personal message, home phone numbers and their home addresses.)

The Democratic councilwoman, who’s twitter profile (at the time of this writing) includes her personal description as “Daughter of the Third World Feminist movement”, had recently come under suspicion for questionably using taxpayer money to fund a European getaway to Barcelona, Spain.  (8 months after that trip, no known benefit to the city of Minneapolis has been realized.)

Efforts to contact Cano have now gone unsuccessful, including attempts by Minnesota’s largest publication-The Star Tribune:  “Cano did not respond to phone calls, texts or tweets Thursday.”

And, as for the “doxed” tweets?

They have now vanished from her twitter profile.

Sean O'Reilly

Sean O’Reilly’s conservatarian roots grew from being a small business owner in the liberal land of Minnesota. You can find him daily; managing, moderating and leading political debate on the popular Fox News Fans Facebook page. His passions include photography and fishing. Sean also enjoys countryside living with Nancy, his partner of 20+ years.! Sean can be followed online at: twitter.com/sean_oreilly or https://www.facebook.com/FoxNewsFans/

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