Day: December 23, 2015

#MonaLog: Washington Post Publishes Cartoon Depicting Ted Cruz’s Daughters as Monkeys.

Imagine what would happen if this had been a Democrat's daughters instead of Ted Cruz...

Six More American Heroes Killed. Are You Offended? Good!

We lost 6 more heroes in Afghanistan from Taliban forces. Add them to those wounded & killed since Obama ended his ‘responsibly’ for the wars.

Hillary Clinton Gets “Trumped”

What do Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush have in common? Both have domain names that were “trumped” by the leading Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

In God We Trust

In God We Trust: We must never forget this. We must never erase this motto from our shields. Why?

Daniel Greenfield: Muslims Are Not the New Jews

Daniel Greenfield says Muslims are not the new Jews, pointing out how Chanukah is not about Islamophobia.